HTC Phones - Upcoming HTC Touch.B ROME Smartphone Not Android, Running BrewMP

We have post about HTC Touch.B ROME smartphone yesterday. There’s a mistake. The Touch.B does not run on Windows Mobile or Android OS. It’s the Brew MP (Brew Mobile Platform), “a freely available mobile OS platform. It’s an open, easy to use version of Brew and is scalable across all tiers of mobile devices to get powerful applications onto mass market devices.”

The ROM is still in Alpha, so the user interface that looks a bit like TouchFlo is pretty basic. And we only know about:

  • The NPC is 2M pixel resolution
  • No video recording
  • Support for 3G and Bluetooth. Not WiFi
  • Adobe Flash support

HTC Touch.B ROME SmartphoneHTC Touch.B ROME Smartphone

HTC Touch.B ROME Smartphone

[via mobifrance]

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