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HTC Backup

Save the time and frustration of re-creating your personalized HTC Desire 626 experience when you do a factory reset or buy another phone. On HTC Desire 626, use HTC Backup to do a daily backup to the cloud so you can easily restore your content and settings next time.

HTC Backup

HTC Backup uses your Google Drive or Dropbox storage to keep your content and settings. It can back up and restore the following:

Personalization Settings These include your feed sources in HTC Blink Feed, widgets, wallpaper, Home screen layout, and ringtones.
Accounts and Passwords HTC Backup stores the login credentials for many popular emails and social network accounts, such as Exchange ActiveSync,, and POP/IMAP.
Apps and Settings These include your contacts stored on HTC Desire 626, text messages, call history, web bookmarks, personal dictionary, Wi-Fi networks, free apps you’ve installed, grid size and sort order on the Apps screen, and more.

Backing up HTC Desire 626 to Google Drive

Turn on HTC Backup to do a daily backup of your phone over Wi-Fi. Turn it on by selecting back up phone daily while doing the on-device setup. If you didn’t do so, use the HTC Backup app.


Depending on the amount of content, doing a manual backup through data connection may incur additional data costs and take a long time. Using a Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

  1. Open the HTC Backup
  2. Tap Turn on automatic backup.
  3. Make sure Backup phone daily is selected, and then tap next.
  4. Sign in with your Google Account, HTC Account, or Facebook
  5. On the Cloud storage screen, tap the Google Drive option, and then tap OK.
  6. If prompted, sign in to your Google Account to access your Google Drive.
  7. To do a daily backup, make sure the Automatic backup switch is on. You can also tap Back up now to manually back up your phone anytime.

You’ll see the most recent backup date and time under Backup history.

Restoring Your Backup to HTC Desire 626 from Google Drive

If you backed up your phone to your online storage before, you can restore your backup to HTC Desire 626, or to a new HTC phone.


  • Depending on the amount of content, restoring your backup to your phone through your data connection may incur additional data costs and take a long time. Using a Wi-Fi connection is recommended.
  • To restore paid apps, you need to download and install them from Google Play.
  1. When you turn on a new HTC phone for the first time or after a factory reset, select Restore from HTC Backup on the Get content from old phone
  2. Make sure to sign in using the same account that you used to back up your phone before. Your backup history will then be displayed.
  3. Select a backup, and then tap Next.
  4. If you used your HTC Account or Facebook account to back up your phone, sign in to your Google Account to access your Google Drive.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to restore your backup and to continue setting up your phone.
  6. Slide open the Notifications panel to check if there’s any notification to finish setting up your phone.

Free apps from Google Play will be restored in the background, and you can track the progress via a notification in the status bar.

The Apps and Home screen shortcuts will be reorganized as in your backup after all of your apps have been installed. You may continue using your phone while apps are being restored.


You can also open the HTC Backup app, and then tap Restore from backup. Just make sure that you’ve already signed in to the same account that you used to back up your phone before.

Restoring a backup will overwrite the current data and settings on HTC Desire 626.

Switching from your previous online storage to Google Drive.

After you’ve restored a saved backup from your Dropbox storage to HTC Desire 626, remember to change your backup storage and use Google Drive from now on.

  1. Open the HTC Backup.
  2. Tap Change backup settings.
  3. Tap> Select storage service.
  4. Select Google Drive, and then tap OK.
  5. Sign in to your Google Account, if you haven’t done so.

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